Fall 2020 Textbooks

2nd Year of Graduate School Begins

Well technically, it began last week Thursday but regardless, this marks the 2nd year of graduate school. It’s near midnight on the West Coast and sleep is once again a distant friend. Earlier this evening was the first of 16 classes in Network Security AKA EE209 at SJSU. I’m really looking forward to this course because it is foundational to computer networks, software, physical devices and so on.

Thankfully, just last week I took and passed the CompTIA Security+ exam which taught me physical and technological security at a high-level. I spent two solid weeks studying for this exam and my effort paid off. Keep a lookout for a post that describes exactly how I passed the exam in just two weeks!

I’ll also be writing blogs about how I studied for other certification exams I obtained over the summer break such as the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) exam. All of my study materials and methods I will reveal to you.

Definitely count on seeing posts that track the progress of my course projects too. These projects are from Network Security, VoIP and Multimedia Networks, Network Programming and Applications, and MS Electrical Engineering Project; a culminating project that encompasses all of my graduate-level training.

If you’re wondering about the text books in the main photo, here are the links to them so you can get yourself a copy.

Thanks for reading my first blog post about the start of my 2nd Year of Graduate School. Be sure to subscribe so you are notified of any new posts. I need to get some shuteye now. Thanks for reading 😀

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10 months ago

Nice post. Looking forward to seeing your new blogs, and wish you a lot of success with your 2nd year of graduate school. Cheers! 🙂

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